workshops & classes

Join one of my events to challenge and shape your creative instincts, build the comfort and confidence to express yourself freely, and shake out anything that keeps you from your best self and best work. In-person workshops are held in Berlin, Germany. Online courses are available to study on your own.

30 days to epic creativity

A series of daily exercises aimed at boosting your imagination, flexing your imagination, priming your creative instincts, and building up your inner fire to express yourself through a variety of media, formats, materials, environments, and challenges.

fear, resistance, and developing your creative voice

An in-person + self-study program aimed at uncovering the limiting beliefs, roadblocks, and anxiety that keeps you from expressing yourself in the fullest. This program is designed to be a toolkit that you can use throughout your career to help you work through blocks.

DANCE and movement: Rizzmic

Using Rizzmic dance fitness format, this full hour of is for all levels - the only requirement is that you’re willing to enjoy great company, great music, and physical coordination challenges that keep you sweating, laughing, and rocking out for a full hour of a range of music and dance styles to challenge your mind, body, and soul.