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5 common causes of feeling blocked or stuck


#1 inner perception…

…which often tells us we're not creative. The great news is that you can kill this belief, because you just proved it to be incorrect. 

SOLUTION > Remembering that creativity is actually about seeing new possibilities


#2 Forcing the mind to be creative

This rarely works, because the mindset of 'forcing' is in direct opposition to the state of mind where ideas come. 

SOLUTION > Relax the mind. Take a walk, take a nap, do some physical activity, meditate, or laugh with a friend. What works is unique to you, and the interesting thing about the mind is that some days a nap is the right answer, and on other days, going for a jog is the best choice. 


#3 Operating on empty

Even for those who have experienced high states of creativity, getting blocked and stuck can happen--which is often because whatever fuel you had available to yourself has run dry. 

SOLUTION > Find some inspiration. Though, a lot of people don't know what inspires them--but it's a good idea to find out so that you'll be ready whenever you start to feel blocked. 


#4 Fear doubt, and self-sabotage

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SOLUTION > Spend some focused time understanding the roots of these challenges, and develop ways to re-build your inner structure and inner pathways so that they don't hold you back. 

#5 Wellness crisis

Burnout often sounds like a temporary problem, but it can cause you to be completely severed from your creativity. In times of deep wellness challenges,  …..

SOLUTION > Create a plan for ways you can help take steps to get well. Have patience and compassion with yourself—often times these challenges help us make major shifts in our lives, which always result in positive shifts that continue to support your life and a healthy creative fire.


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