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4 Secrets to Supercharging Creativity


The Key Ingredient in Creativity?


We live in a rich time where creativity, innovation, and disruption are celebrated. Yet the most common frustrations for [self-proclaimed] ‘non-creatives’ is that they are not creative, and practiced/professional creatives feel not creative enough. How do we overcome this gap in order to feel inspired, fulfilled, and create the change the world needs?

This free workshop explores this gap, helping demystify roadblocks in the way of your creative potential. You have hidden triggers that unlock new levels of creativity; you just need to learn what they are.

Radically rethinking the way we understand gifts and talent, Hillary’s mission is to help individuals unlock the creative genius within. Shattering stereotypes and helping audiences think in new ways, her eye-opening curriculum celebrates individuality, activates potential, and stirs the soul to new levels of creative possibility. Keeping it professional and full of tangible, concrete steps, Hillary’s events warm audiences with humor and heart.

You’ll walk away with:


The 4 Keys that Supercharge your Creativity


The Top 3 Triggers that Open the Floodgates


The Tools and Tactics that Make Your Creative Process Fluid

This is a free, live-taught, online workshop


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Earlier Event: January 5
Kickoff Workshop
Later Event: February 16
Creativity Jump start