Ready to meet your most

creative self?

Creativity jump start

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019



 who is this workshop for?

For both beginners and practiced professionals, the unique curriculum makes this workshop appropriate for any individual wanting to enhance and deepen creativity.

What will you learn?

This one-day workshop will give you a burst of inspiration, a wave of new ideas, and a set of tools to help you begin unlocking new levels of creativity.


get your creative juices flowing


find your most inspired self



You’ll walk away with tangible tools and a personalized road map toward your most inspired, creative self.

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what will we cover?

PART 1 - In-person creativity workshop

Join fellow participants in a fun, interactive workshop to help build a pathway to your most creative self.


Module 1. Meet your inspiration

Learn little-known facts about inspiration, how to read the clues your inspiration is giving you, and how to understand what makes your mind tick.

Outcome - Create a reliable pathway to your own inspiration, so you can get there again and again.


Module 3. Remove roadblocks

Find out what might be keeping you from achieving your creative potential, and learn how to take steps toward quick resolution.

Outcome - Build a game plan to address any road blocks. Resistance.  select tools to help you resolve them


Module 2. Build creative muscle

Learn how to strengthen the foundation of your creativity and experiment with exercises that cultivate and enhance your creative process.

Outcome - Create a customized creativity skill-building plan


Module 4. Empower creative courage

Tying all the elements together, you’ll learn how to take bold steps toward your creative expression.

Outcome - Create a road map to your most creative, inspired, expressive self.


At the end of the workshop, you’ll create goals and objectives for steps you plan to take to put your learning into action.  

PART 2 - Email Follow-up

The instructor will check in with you about how you’re progressing with your goals, and will inquire about any questions so that the highest value material can be covered in the final session.

PART 3 - Online Workshop

April 4th, 2019



Join the instructor and your fellow participants for a live, online session taking the principles you learned to the next step, and providing answers to the questions from your follow-up emails.

why take this course?


Work gets easier with creative flow

Come up with ideas faster, quickly identify new possibilities, and glide through projects with ease and joy.  



Personalized to you

Creativity is individual, so all of our programs teach you to apply your learning to your individual style, your personality, and your mind.



A toolkit you’ll use again and again

We see our courses as an “interactive instruction manual” for the set of creativity -building tools you’ll receive. Everything is designed to help you blast through anything that hinders your creative path, whether today or in the future.



More than a workshop—a revelation

Your investment goes far beyond a single daylo workshop. Our course aterial helps you create profound shifts in your you approach your work and life.


how do I sign up?

Book your ticket for the

Creativity Jump Start

March 23rd, 2018

Location here, Berlin, Germany

135 Euro

What Do past participants say about this course?

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— Jonathan L.

About your instructor 


Hillary Bassett Ross developed this curriculum as a result of spending her career in the creative fields, with first-hand experience of how easy it is to lose your creative fire. With artistic experience as a graphic designer, illustrator, writer, creative director, and now exploring music, dance, and film, Hillary’s programs help you tap into your own inner gifts and unlock creativity from within. Sharing insights that aren’t taught in traditional schools, Hillary Bassett Ross developed The School of Possibility to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds find their own creative fire to live their very own life, unlocked.


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